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New SilcaFutura machine

Futura is Silca’s new ground-breaking electronic key cutting machine to copy flat, laser, dimple and cruciform keys.

Designed and engineered to minimize size while maximizing user-friendliness, it features fully-guided key cutting procedures and compact dimensions making it the ideal tool for key cutters who want to be equipped with an affordable electronic key cutting machine and locksmiths who provide home repair and installation services and require an easy-to-carry machine.

Silca Futura brochureUnocode 199

Futura machine

New Abus Titalium

Strong - Lightweight - Innovative

New from Abus a range of padlocks made from TITALIUM special aluminium – high security with low weight

Available in;

54Ti 30,35,40,50mm and 40mm with long shackle

64Ti 20, 25, 30, 35,40, 45, 50, 60mm and 30, 40, 50m with long shackle

80Ti 40, 45, 50 and 40 with long shackle

90RK 50mm stainless steel shackle, rekeyable

Abus Titalium brochureAbus Titalium


Abus Titalium


New Matrix Pro machine

Matrix Pro is a key-cutting machine that provides top quality performance and precision in duplicating dimple keys with flat or angled cuts, laser type keys, Fichet type and tubular keys.

Matrix Pro brochure Matrix Pro Pdf

New Matrix Evo machine

Matrix Evo is a key-cutting machine that provides top quality performance and precision in duplicating dimple keys with flat or angled cuts, laser type keys and Fichet type keys.

Martix Evo brochure Matrix Evo Pdf



Matrix Pro

Silca Electroic Key Catalogue

Silca Ekc Web has been optimised in order to be used on your and any smartphone!
Connect to EKC Mobile from your smartphone using your EKC login and password, it's very easy.
All your personal info and data inserted in EKC Web (i.e. key range, prices, hook position…) are accessible at any time with your smartphone.
All new info you do input with your mobile is immediately accessible on the EKC Web and vice versa.

Connect with your smartphone to ekc.silca.biz:



The Rw4 Plus and FastCopy Plus machines decode and program transponders in stand-alone mode with the following types; ID40, ID41, ID42, ID44 for VW, ID45, ID46 Philips crypto type II, 4D Texas crypto, 4C Texas fixed code and other T5 fixed code type transponders. Available Now, upgrade for RW4 and Fast Copy machines. Download the latest version of the wintransfer program using Silca Remote Service to upgrade your machine to version 93. From this version on the RW4 and Fastcopy machines (together with P-Box module) can make copies of ID46 second generation Philips crypto keys on EHP electronic heads For further information contact our sales department.

Rw4Plus brochureRW4 brochure

RW4 Plus

Discover Triax Quattro, the new Silca electronic key cutting machine. Triax Quattro is a real technological jewel: fast and silent, it brings excellence to your key cutting service.

Download the Triax-quattro brochureTriax-quattro Pdf



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